Foody Foodster’s funding possibility!

Foody Foodster is made for you, but we need your help. This app is made for the ones who love food, cooking and just love food. We need to know if you would be interested in our app an if you are willing to be a part of it. Want to know more? Click the button!
I want to know more!
Foody Foodster is somewhat the Airbnb of food. This app lets you host and join dinners. Do you want to share your cooking abilities or are you an food fanatic then this is the app for you. Here you can host a dinner or sell food you have made. You can join dinners hosted by hobby or professional chefs, people that just love to cook. Are you looking for something creative something you haven’t tasted before or are you just hungry, then use this app to find your next meal.

Now Foody Foodster wants to reach every belly in existence. To make this possible we need 114.000,- euro. This will be invested in app development and marketing(International). 

To make this possible we will need to get funded. We would like to tell you more, so click the button!
First of all what kind of investing would you prefer? *

Investment in the form of a loan: this means that the company will pay you back the amount you have invested with interest.

Investment in the form of a convertible loan: this means that the company will turn the investors investment into shares of the company.

Foody Foodster's choice of investment

Our choice for this investment phase would be to go for an convertible loan, so that is what we chose. All investments with 8% in return over the span of 5 years or the choice of turning it into shares.
Now the question Strikes! *

Would you invest in Foody Foodster for 8% in return?    

Example: you invest €500 in Foody Foodster. Then over this period of 5 years you will get the total €500 back + the 8%, this would make €540, better then on the bank ain't it?    

Answering this doesn’t mean you are investing in Foody Foodster, we only want to know if there is interest. :)

So if you would invest how much would you? *

These are still questions and mean nothing yet, it’s just so that we get to know if there is interest. Investments will start at min. €20.

Feedback on our concept, approach or of any kind is really much appreciated. *

Thank you, for helping us out! *

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